Our company equipped with Niles1200, Niles630 CNC forming gear grinding machine, Y31125, Y3180 series of gear hobbing machine, Lawrence YL515MC CNC gear shaping machine, HBM-4T CNC milling machining center which are imported from Germany; MF400 U multi-face five-axis machining center from QUASER; high-speed dynamic balancing machine from Schenck Shanghai Machinery Co.,Ltd.

In addition, there are complete sets of domestic and foreign testing instruments. In order to improve the internal quality of the gears, our company has a heat treatment workshop, which can do heat-treat to the gears such as carburizing, quenching, nitriding and high-frequency quenching. We have multiple sets of vacuum carburizing furnaces of Siemens control systems from Germany. The diameter can reach UP TO 4,000mm, the carburizing layer can reach up to  7-8mm, the hardness can reach HRC58-62, and the gear processing grade can reach ISO3.

At present, our company's products have formed more than a dozen series, which is convenient for users to choose, and can be specially designed according to the different needs of users. The processing range of the product: hard tooth surface gear ¢ 4000mm with precision stable up to five grades, the highest three. Among our products, the maximum output speed is up to 80,000 rpm. 



                            Niles1200 CNC forming gear grinding machine                 HBM-4T CNC milling machining center


                                Y3180 gear hobbing machine                                    Lawrence YL515MC CNC gear shaping machine


                                                     CNC lathe                                                   MF400 U multi-face five-axis machining center from QUASER


High-speed dynamic balancing machine from Schenck Shanghai Machinery Co.,Ltd.
        Coordinate measuring machine(CMM) from HEXAGON